The reading of the score, unhurried and meticulous, allows us to savour every one of Schumann’s layers

Miquel Gené · Revista Musical Catalana

The mixture and nature of their sound gives an obvious soundness to the orchestra, thanks to the work of its leading conductor, Tomàs Grau, who is a trained artist with a subtle style and sound judgment

Arturo Reverter · Scherzo

Tomàs Grau was able to maintain the conceptual essence of the movements of the work with a large orchestral response

Lluís Trullén · Revista Musical Catalana

The orchestral version of Souvenir of Florence is not at all unworthy, especially as the orchestra approaches it with clarity and insight under the baton of Tomàs Grau

Javier Velaza · Audio Clásica 

The orchestra did a great job under the security of a resourceful and sound conductor

Jorge de Persia · La Vanguardia

The overture is strong and shows great intensity with only eleven musicians. It certainly merited the good conducting of Tomàs Grau

Jordi Maluquer · El Punt